Latest News!

3/10/16   I have been busy responding to questions from and trying to promote the site from other places on the web. It’s been difficult to get people I know to actually take the time to pledge. It’s not about the money, they would gladly hand me that, but to actually take the time to go online seems to be too much.

Just the other day I sent an email to Jerry Decker @ and much to my amazement, he put an article about me on his site. I’m feeling like a rock star. I have visited his site for over twenty years to find out about new gravity stuff. Now I’m there for others to see…

God is good! And Jerry is pretty cool too!


3/6/16     My physics website has been up for a while now, but just last Friday my KickStarter page became active

Please check it out and give your support.

Thank You!