I have been married, only once, for almost twenty years now, to my beautiful wife Carla. Our son Taylor is eighteen years of age and about to graduate from an Adventist high school in southern California. We wanted the best education possible for our son, so we home schooled till seventh grade, then we enrolled him in an Adventist academy. We are very proud of all his achievements.

I have one brother who is older than me by five years. He is an Alaska resident, and travels south to visit California every once and a while.

My parents are both passed away, but I have a step mom living here in southern California.

My wife is from Peru! Some of her sisters and families live local to us, another in Spain, and her parents split their time between Peru and USA. Another sister and family live in Georgia. Carla is a Registered Nurse and works just over the mountain from our home, about 30 minutes away.

I myself am a California native, but spent a couple of my childhood years in Illinois. When I was very young, my family lived on a 33′ sailboat for about a year. Many a weekend, you would see us moored at Catalina Island. This weekend trend returned when I was of high school age, and we purchased another sailboat.

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