One More Thing…

This is my life, my memories and my thoughts in digital form, so that others may gawk in amazement. You will find here the raw, awkwardness and awesomeness that, up until now, only some of the world has experienced as Jeffrey N. Bivens. For the few that really know me, they already know about my gravity theory. This blog is being put in place so that when people hear of my strange ideas about physics, they can click on a link to find out “Who is this Guy?”.

I call it BIG Theory, short for Bivens Inertial Gravity Theory. Something I’ve been working on since I was in high school, lets say more than 30 years. It is a completely new perspective on physics, leading to an understanding of how and why Gravity happens. Later I will link between this Biography blog and the Physics blog. Until then I have some work to do figuring out how all this blogging works. Wish me luck…

That’s all for now!

God Bless…

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